Single Chamber Air Valve Discription

Ports: Single
Body Style: Single Chamber
Size Range: DN.40 - 300MM
Temperature Range: < 80 °C
Pressure Ratings: PN1.0, PN1.6
Steam Rating: N/A
End Connections: Flanged
Body Materials: C.I/D.I
Seat/Gasket Materials: NBR-Rubber

Specification & Features::

Resilient seated. Design of Flange Ends according to EN 1092-2/ IS 1538. single chamber air valve in compact design. Size of the inlet area correspond to the outlet area. Very high discharge capacity upto sonic velocity due to stabilised floater. Triple function air valve.

Ventiing Function::

Large orifice to vent high quantities of air during draining the pipeline. Large orifice to release high quaantities of air during filling the pipeline. Small orifice to release low quantity of air during operation under pressure. Minimum operation pressure 0.3bar. With sidewise draining plug (optional)

Applications :

Suitable for use in Water treatment, Water distribution, Dams, Power Plants etc.

Design Standard IS:

14846 PN1.0 &PN1.6.


Dimension Details