BFV Drip Model Discription

Ports: Single
Body Style: Butterfly
Size Range: DN.25 - 600MM
Temperature Range: < 80 °C
Pressure Ratings: PN1.0, PN1.6
Steam Rating: N/A
End Connections: Lugged
Body Materials: C.I/D.I
Seat/Gasket Materials: NBR-Rubber

Specification & Features::

Fine finish and smooth contours to minimize pressure drop inside the strainer. Large screening area makes the strainer extremely efficient in performance.

Applications :

Paper & Pulp Industry, Waste & effluent Treatment Plants, Water Treatment, Chemical & Sugar Industry, Fire fighting, Drilling Rig, Heating & Air Conditioning, Cooling Water Circulation, Compressed Air, Civil Constructions & numerous other applications.

Design Standard:

IS-13095, BS-5155


Dimension Details