Foot Valve Discription

Ports: Single
Body Style: Double Door Flanged
Size Range: DN.40 - 300MM
Temperature Range: < 80 °C
Pressure Ratings: PN1.0, PN1.6
Steam Rating: N/A
End Connections: Flanged
Body Materials: S.S/D.I
Seat/Gasket Materials: NBR-Rubber

Specifications & feature:

Rigid & Sturdy design with minimum loss of head across the valve.Perfectly flat seating surfaces for good sealing.Preventing entry of foreign body to pump through suction pipe.Long service life.


Foot Valves are used in suction side of the pumps to avoid flow reversal from pump to sump, In order to maintain pump priming. They also prevent entry of foreign body into pump through suction pipe. These valves are suitable for having clear water within the limits.

Design standard: :

IS-13095, BS-5155


Dimension Details